Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Zog: Final Regular Season Player Stats

Here are the final regular season player stats. Once again, thanks to everybody that stepped up and helped score our games.

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Zog: Hounds Squash the Spiders

Our final regular season game was set for a brisk Monday night at Riverbank State Park. We came into this game knowing a playoff berth was secure, but also knowing that we needed to head into the playoffs with a solid effort. Our opponents were the Spiders, a team that needed to win to have any chance of making the playoffs. After the pre-game pleasantries were exchanged, it was time to play ball.

Juiena was once again our starting pitcher, and she was a battler all night. As the home team we took the field first, and we were quickly behind the 8-ball. A series of defensive blunders exascerbated what could have been a fairly easy inning, and by the time the top of the 1st was over, we were down 5-0. Soon it was 8-2, and some of the Spiders started getting cocky. What they didn't know is that we were just getting the started. The bottom of the order sparked a furious rally in the 2nd inning, highlighted by Alan's 3-run home run, his first as a Hound. Another highlight was Kim, who filled in beautifully for us, getting on base twice and scoring two runs. We took the lead 9-8 and we would never look back. Our defense settled down nicely, and a small-ball rally in the 5th padded our lead. Juiena closed them out in the 6th after a brief scare for the complete-game victory, crushing the Spiders' playoff hopes for this season. FInal Score: Hounds 14, Spiders 12.

This comeback victory was a great way to head into the playoffs. Let's keep the eye of the tiger as we head into the post-season.