Thursday, May 3, 2012

YSA: Stats Thru 3 Games

Hard to believe, but 3 games are in the bag already. Now is a good time to look at the stats.

(click to enlarge)

YSA: Hounds Fall to Wolves

For Game 3 of the season Juiena took the mound for us as we were hoping to go 3-0. We were up against one of if not the best team in the League, the Citywolves. We played well and held our own against the champs, but we did commit some miscues which cost us dearly. Juice was in full Houdini mode, getting out of jam after jam. She gave us a chance to win the game but we did not do enough to get her the win. The Wolves are a complete team and were able to prevail this time, but we can take some comfort in knowing we kept it close. Final Score: Hounds 3, Citywolves 6.

Let's shake off this first loss and come out strong next week. Same time, same place.