Thursday, July 12, 2012

YSA: Playoffs? You Want to Talk About Playoffs!??

A question I've been getting a lot recently is where we stand with regards to the playoffs. It's kind of surprising to me that some Hounds would have playoffs on their minds after some of the stink bombs we've laid this season. The answer is that while we are not mathematically eliminated, it would take a miracle for us to qualify. Take a look at the standings (does not yet reflect our latest victory). The way I see it, the only way we can make the playoffs is if we win our last game AND any two out of these three teams lose all of their remaining games: Chico's, Paragon, and Fish. These are all pretty good teams, so them having a total collapse is unlikely. Still, it can't hurt to say some prayers..?

Top Six Make It

On a side note, here is a little video which I can relate to.

YSA: Hounds Pull Out a Gutsy Win

After a blowout win in our last game it was time to head over to scenic Central Park for our penultimate game of the season. The opponents were the Weisermazers, and they gave us a good game. Again, we were short-handed and were not able to have enough people to field a full team. We were short one fielder and had to take an automatic out. However, we fought valiantly to keep the game close. We played impeccable ball, save for some unfortunate base-running blunders which cost us a couple of chances at big innings. Juiena was our starting pitcher and she was in her zone, playing heads up defense as well as going 2-4 with a run scored. After a back and forth contest, we were down 4-3 entering our last licks in the top of the 7th. MikePa led off with a walk, then the next two batters popped out. Things were looking bleak but Weiser's pitcher couldn't find the strike zone and walked the next two to load the bases. After a pitching change, Cap was up and tied the game with a single. Next was Wink who stroked a two-strike pitch into right-center to drive in the go ahead runs. After another RBI by Rebecca we were now up by three heading into the bottom of the frame. After a bit of a scare in which the tying run came to the plate, Juiena was able to get the last out and this one was the most rewarding win of the season. Final Score: Hounds 7, Weisers 4.