Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Game 2: Hounds win 22–20

For game 2, we headed out to the fields at Colonel Charles Young Park in Harlem. Still pumped about playing phenomenal defense on the pristine field at Riverbank State Park in Game 1, the Hounds would be in for a rude awakening. 

Our opponents were a team called Kenny Show, and no one could know the slugfest that would lie ahead. The Hounds jumped out to a big lead in the first couple of innings, and it looked like we would coast to another victory. Offensively, everyone was part of the party.

With our ace pitcher Margaret not around, the Hounds turned to their captain George to pitch. Unfortunately, George had some control problems and the condition of the field didn't help the defense out much. Slowly but surely what was a 12–run lead evaporated to a 3–run lead heading into the bottom of the last inning. Kenny Show would add on another run and have the winning run at the plate with two outs. Then Rueben made what could be the most important play for the Hounds all season. Kenny Show's batter hit a line drive to left, and just as it looked like that would be the game–winning hit, Rueben dove and made a spectacular catch. Game Over, Hounds win 22–20.

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