Monday, October 20, 2008

Game 5: Hounds thrash Rock Out 27–5

Back to Riverbank for what was the most fun game yet. Taking on something called Rock Out With Your Zog Out, we knew we had to win to stay alive in the playoff chase. When we saw the opposing team stumble drunkly into our dugout, their girls hit on our guys and argue with the umpire before the game started, we knew we had a good chance to win. 

Amy took the mound and overcame her pre–game jitters to pitch a 1,2,3 top of the first. After that, it was full throttle for the Hounds, who scored something like 16 runs in the first two innings. The defense was also stellar. There were so many big plays made in this game by Hounds that it would be impossible to list them all. Most importantly, we kept on adding runs after taking the lead, which is what we hadn't done in our last loss.

The win ensured we control our own destiny heading into our last game. A win, and we're in. A loss, and we're most likely out.

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