Monday, June 15, 2009

Zog All Star Break: Team Stats & All-Star Nominees

Team Stats for the first half of the season now ready. I nominate the following for the Zog All-Star Team:

1. Cindy - Been getting on base like crazy. Has a ridiculous On-Base Percentage of .875. Has flashed the glove too.

2. Amelia - Has found her hitting groove and has become a big-time run producer for this team. Her solid fielding has also gotten us out of some tight spots.

3. Justin - Hasn't been around a lot, but has made his swings count. Hit the dramatic game-winning HR in Game 2.

4. Mega - Has produced as both a hitter and pitcher. Batting .687 with 12 RBIs while also leading the team with a sparkling 5.25 ERA.

5. Margaret - Her brilliant control on the mound and heads-up play have made her an indispensable part of our team.

6. Karim - An honorary mention has to go to Karim, who has come out to every single game and supported the team, even when he was injured and could not play. Whether it was keeping score, being a base coach, or just rallying the team, he has been a great teammate to all of us.

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