Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Zog: Hounds Handle Who's On First, 9-3

For the 8th game of our Zog season, we headed to Harlem River Park on 128th Street. We had never been to this field before, and when we got there, we were excited to see that it was all-turf. Just the kind of field that the Hounds excel on...
Our opponents were Who's On First, an established team that we had played(and beaten) the previous season. They are in the top half of our division, so we knew a tough game was ahead of us.
Wink was the catalyst in the top of the first, hitting a leadoff home run, part of a 3 for 3 night for the Winkster. Dave then followed up with a 2-run home run. We tacked on a couple of more runs in the inning, and those 5 runs would be all we would need.
Mega was starting pitcher and did a great job out there. He didn't walk anybody and forced WOF to put the ball in play. Behind him, the Hounds defense was outstanding. Wink, Jason, Dave, and Murph each had a couple of web gems. The offense continued to pound out hits. Murph went 4 for 4. Amelia continued to rake, going 3 for 4. Dave hit another 2-run bomb. Mega helped his own cause with two big RBIs. We would have scored more runs had it not been for some terrible calls made by the umpire, the Patrick Swayze look alike. However, we didn't let his blown calls frustrate us, and we continued to stymie the WOF bats. Mega shut them down after a slight scare in the last inning. Final Score: Hounds 9, Who's On First 3.
I am very proud of the job we did last night. We look better and better as the season goes along. Let's remember though that we have to play Who's On First again in a few weeks, and they will be eager to avenge this loss. 
Our record is now 6 and 2. I would feel really good about our playoff chances, but one look at the standings tells me that the top teams are packed tightly together. The next couple of games will be critical in determining whether we get in our not. Let's keep our focus over the long break. Enjoy the 4th, Hounds!

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