Monday, July 27, 2009

MAJA: Team Stats Through 10 Games; MVP Candidates

Here are the team stats through our first 10 games. Some real standouts have emerged:

1. Dave - The big guy is hitting for both average and power. Leads the team in both HRs and RBIs.

2. Iain - Hitting at a .722 clip, which leads the team. Has also flashed the leather big-time.

3. Jason T. - "Shoeless Jason" I call him. All he does is get on base, score runs, and cover tons of ground in the OF. Leads the team in hits(tied), runs scored, and base on balls.

4. Margaret - Where would we be without Maggie Ballgame. Her outstanding pitching and heads-up leadership have made us a much better team than if she wasn't around. Her ERA is a mind-boggling 2.67, unheard of in rec softball.

5. Hounds Team 'D' - The thing I am proudest of this season is our team defense. We have made so many outstanding defensive plays this season. Even when our bats weren't alive, our defense has carried the day.
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Anonymous said...

I'm sure me ERA has more to do with Hounds solid D than pitching, but I'll take whatever applause comes my way!