Sunday, August 8, 2010

Gotham City: Final Regular Season Player Stats

The final player stats have been compiled and it was a solid all-around season for the Hounds. Iain won the batting title for the 2nd season in a row, hitting an unreal .862. He also set new Central Park Hounds records in Home Runs and RBIs to also win the triple crown. MikePa gave him a run for his money in the Batting Average department, hitting an impressive .810. Pat was having a monster season until it was derailed a bit by absence, but he still finished among the team leaders in the triple crown categories.

For the ladies, Schimmy had the highest average but did not have enough ABs to qualify. Cindy and Jessie hit over .400, but the batting average leader was Camille at .472. She also scored 8 runs and had a very solid On Base Percentage of .591. 

On the pitching side, Margaret dominated, posting an unbelievable 1.94 ERA. That's unreal for this type of softball. Whether it was starting or relieving, she was money in the bank. Amy had an impressive outing, perhaps something to watch for in the future. Pat and Wink stepped up to pitch and did admirably.

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