Monday, October 4, 2010

Zog: Team Stats thru 4 games

The Stats have been compiled thru the first 4 games and there are many Hounds that are having outstanding seasons. Of course Iain has taken his usual place among the stat leaders, but the big surprise is MikePa, who is team leader in batting average and runs scored. Mike is hitting a perfect 1.000. It is literally impossible to do better than that. Rookies Kyle and Will(Buddah) are distinguishing themselves, hitting .800 and .700 respectively.

Among the ladies, Juiena leads in batting average with Push and Camille right behind her. Juice is also having a dominant season on the mound, posting a minuscule 1.40 ERA. That has to make her one of if not the best pitcher in the league. Way to go, Juice and the defense behind her deserves credit for that too.
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