Saturday, July 23, 2011

Yorkville: Final Regular Season Stats

The final stats have been compiled and it was another very productive season for the Hounds. The production was very much spread around, no one player dominating all the categories. Props to JT for locking down the batting title, eeking out Mike by a mere 10 points. Paterno is the home run king, with a surprisingly low 4 for the season. Iain and Pat tied for the RBI lead, while in the pitching department, Wink sneaks away with the ERA title, sporting a solid 3.94 in relief. Juiena led the team (by far) in wins with 5.

Kudos also to the new Hounds Jane and Mano who both did very well in their rookie seasons. And how can we not mention Jessie, who wasn't around for many games, but when she was around, she was a big-time run producer. 

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