Tuesday, August 7, 2012

YSA: Hounds Finish in Style

For our final game of the season it was over to Thomas Jefferson Field again to take on the team from Bloomberg. Unfortunately, they did not have the guts to show up. Our season ends with the much-hated forfeit victory. Final Score Hounds 7, Bloomberg 0.

Fortunately, there were enough Hounds at the field to get an intra squad game going. It was a thrilling game, with Cap's Hounds 'Orange' taking an early lead on Iain's Hounds 'Blue'. The Blue team came back though and built up a lead of their own. Fittingly, Orange was able to tie in their last licks, but they could score no more and we all had to kiss our sister. Final Score: Hounds Orange 10, Hounds Blue 10.

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