Thursday, May 16, 2013

YSA: Hounds Sweep Twin Bill

Coming off a two game losing streak in which we were beaten thoroughly in both games, the Hounds took the field at the North Meadow trying to get the season back on track. A doubleheader was on tap, and despite the threat of rain in the days leading up, the softball Gods were kind to us and let us get the games in on what turned out to be a beautiful if somewhat crisp Spring evening.

For Game 1, we were the home team and took the field behind Margaret, our starting pitcher. Our opponents were the team from Capco, a unit that appeared somewhat disorganized and chaotic. They did have some big dudes though yet we took care of them easily in the top of the 1st despite having only 8 fielders on the field. However, they also shut us out in the bottom of the frame. By the 2nd inning, we had our complete team ready and were poised to do some damage. We put up 5 runs in the 2nd, with the heart of the order producing 4 hits in a row. Meanwhile, Margaret was stellar. She was our rock and never let Capco into the game. WInk and Justin came up big for us, each going 2 for 2 with 2 runs scored. Unfortunately, this game was mired by some questionable play by us, especially on the bases, owing to what I like to call brain farts. This was exemplified by the bottom of the 5th, when we had 3 out of 4 batters get base hits yet we only brought 4 batters to the plate in the inning. Don't ask me how that can happen.

Fortunately, these blunders did not cost us much as our defense was actually pretty solid and Margaret continued to deal. Capco were a fun loving bunch and were ready to say goodnight peacefully as the 7th inning approached. Final Score: Hounds 8, Capco 3.

On to Game 2, and now it was Iain's turn to take the mound against a team called Blue Balls. This time we were the road team, but once again our offense was blanked in the 1st inning. Iain is like a tailor when he pitches– a little off here, a little extra over there, and he stymied Blue Balls offense, holding them to 2 runs over 7. He also got a lot of help from his defense. Dare I say our best defensive performance of the season. There were lots of solid plays and really no glaring blunders. Andy was beasting over at short, Push represented for the outfield, Alan showed some serious vertical over at 1st, and MikePa...we'll get to him in a second.

After a SAC fly by Justin got us on the board in the 2nd, our big inning was the 3rd. We put up a 3 spot on RBIs from C-Rod, MikePa, and Andy. We brought a 7-2 lead into the bottom of the 7th. After an uncharacteristic walk by Iain, Blue Balls were threatening with two outs. One of their guys who had homered earlier was up and hit an absolute rocket of a shot to the left field gap. It looked like at least a triple if not more. Then all of a sudden came one of the best plays you will ever see at any level of the sport. MikePa flew in, perpendicular to the ground and deep in left field, his feet facing home plate at a slight angle, and made a spectacular catch. All the more special that it ended the game and was his last play before his big wedding weekend. The team erupted in celebration and the sweep was complete. MikePa...the legend continues. Ben Stiller will be playing him in the movie. Final Score: Hounds 7, Blue Balls 2.

This now means we are back over .500 and back in the playoff hunt. We have 5 games remaining, and the oddsmakers have us as the favorite in three, the underdog in two. A 7-5 record might be good enough to get in, but we have to pull off an upset or two to make absolutely sure. What I saw today, especially in Game 2, makes me believe we can do this.

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By the way, the other team was pretty much awed by Mike's catch, as we all were!