Wednesday, August 7, 2013

YSA: Final Player Stats

The final stats are featuring 2 out RBIs and BA with RISP.

Sam is the Hounds batting champ for 2013...the kid from Bahston held off MikePa (sorry Kaiser...not enough GP) for the crown. A very solid .682 average as well as 2nd in the team in RBIs mean Sam's had his best season yet as a Hound. MikePa led in most other important categories like home runs, RBIs, RS, OBP, OPS, JFK, GNC, OPP...those last few are jokes. 

Among the ladies, C-Rod(.391) takes the batting title, holding off a brave challenge from Margaret(.462) who also was just a couple games shy of the 8 game limit.

As we enter the playoffs, it's fun to look over the stats and what not, but we must now forget about all this as these numbers count for nothing now. The only thing that matters is what we do with the opportunity we have now. Let's take it one at bat at a time.

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