Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Team MVPs

Time to announce the team MVPs for Fall 2009. It was a close vote and in the end there ended up being ties on both the guys and the gals side. First, the ladies:

Camille - Camille had subbed for us before, but only until this season was she a full-time Hound. And what an addition she was. She came through with clutch hits coupled with solid fielding mostly behind the plate, but also at 2B and RF. Who will ever forget her huge RBI triple at the end of the final to seal our victory.

Margaret - What can we say about our Cy Young winner that hasn't already been said. Whenever she is pitching, we have a very good chance to win. Solid fielding, timely hitting, and overall leadership round it all out. She is a complete player. Went 3 for 3 in the championship and sparked the game-winning rally.

And now, the guys:

Iain - Mr. Clutch as I like to call him was a stellar performer all season long and through the playoffs. He looked like he was hurtin' at times out there, all the more reason to respect what he was doing. His batting average was an unbelievable .846.

Jason - This guy was our silent assassin, our T-1000. Whether at the top of the order or the middle, he did tons of damage to opposing pitching. None of his hits were cheap. In the field he was a shutdown outfielder who you didn't want to hit it anywhere near to. Led the team in hits(tied), home runs, RBIs, and runs scored.

So there you have your MVPs, team. However there were also other Hounds receiving votes:

Amelia - Due to scheduling conflicts Schimmy didn't really get going for us until the 2nd half of the season. When she did finally play, she brought an added dimension to our lineup. It's no coincidence that after she started showing up, we became an offensive juggernaut.

Cindy - All C-Rod did was come to every single game and play solid fundamental ball for us. She was our most disciplined hitter, I don't recall her swinging at a bad pitch all season. Hit a solid .438 in the regular season.

Diana - D.Lo made huge strides this season and distinguished herself at Catcher and 2nd base. She is a prospect to watch in upcoming seasons. She also supported the team loudly and unconditionally.

Juiena - Juice emerged as a reliable No.2 starter for us in the 2nd half of the season. She seemed to perform better with each start, and we were victorious in every game she pitched. She is also one to watch for next season.

Mega - Our reigning MVP's numbers weren't quite what they were last season, but Mega's hits always seemed to come at critical moments. He really elevated his game in the playoffs, capped by his 2 home run performance in the final. He has my vote for World Series MVP.

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Pitcher in slow-pitch softball is only as good as his/her "D"!