Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Zog: Hounds Take the Title

It was a quick 1-day turnaround from the semi to the final. One game in which two teams enter and only one could emerge as champions. We were back at Riverbank State Park, a place where we have experienced both triumph and tragedy. The breeze was crisp coming off the Hudson River, and we were eager to take the field and keep the momentum from our previous outing. Our opponents were a club called Balls of Steel, a tough opponent that held their own against us on opening day. We knew a challenge lay ahead, and this game proved to be a fitting final.

Margaret once again took the mound for us and pitched a great ballgame. No walks as usual. Let's tip our caps to Balls of Steel, they are a hard-hitting team and were basically able to score two runs an inning against our ace pitcher. Our defense was generally good, even if we did have some mishaps from time to time. There were some defensive highlights though, including Amelia's nifty catch of a sinking liner, Camille bailing out yours truly with a heads-up play at the plate, and Jason's near over-the-wall catch which would have been the play of the decade let alone the game.

Our offense also consistently put runs on the board throughout the game. Mega was the star of the show, hitting two big home runs for us. Iain, Jason,Camille and Alan continued to rake, but Balls of Steel stayed with us step for step. Soon it was the top of the 3rd and they were only down by a couple.

I never thought a positive turning point for us could be an opponent's home run, but that proved to be the case tonight. One of their boppers(#22) got a hold of one and hit a solo home run over the wall to cut our lead to one run. It was a nice little moment for him, but he took it too far and proceeded to act like a complete jerk as he rounded the bases. It was a Bush league move which motivated us and couldn't have been good for his softball karma.

In the top of the 4th, we blew the game open. Margaret(3 for 3) started the rally and the top of the order kept it going. Camille came up to bat and hit a hard shot over #22's head in leftfield. Iain then hit one down the 3rd base line that also got past him, making it back-to-back RBI triples. It was fitting retribution for us, and ol' #22 learned quickly how humbling this game can be. Mega cemented the rally with his 2nd homer of the night, a two-run shot.

We were now up 16-11, and Margaret protected the lead beautifully for us. They were able to get two across in the top of the 7th, but the final out was fittingly a comebacker to the pitcher that was handled with no problem. With that, the game was over and the celebration could begin. Hounds are Champions. Final Score: Hounds 16, Balls of Steel 11.

We had an outstanding season. Save for one fluke game, we dominated this division. If we can keep our group together, we have a good chance of being a dynasty. Thanks to all of you for being a part of the magic. It may be a cliche, but a manager really is only as good as his players. And I had the best, most dedicated players in the league. I hope you all join me again in defending the title come Spring 2010.

Yo Hounds, We did It!! What a great way to head into the long, softball-less winter months... 'til next season, everybody!


Anonymous said...

It is very difficult to come up with a play or hit of the game - there were so many key hits and catches along with smart base running. Also, the cheering from our bench certainly put a damper on the other team's enthusiam as we out-yelled them at every chance.

I also did something I have never done while playing in a game before - I yelled at #22 to shut up from the pitcher's mound. I am usually good at ignoring chatter from the other team, but he was so annoying when he was coaching 3rd. And he had the nerve before the game to say what jerks the ZooMass team was in an earlier game.

Good to win, but feels better just to beat this team!

Schlink said...

We're not afraid to be lonely at the top.

Alan said...

I'm with Mega. I've read every post and enjoyed them. I'll have to leave more comments next season.

I'm still giddy from the Mariachi band. Only in NYC...

I loved #22. Nothing gets my blood rushing more than talking shit. Personally I was very frustrated and he got my head back into the game.

As long as my bat was mentioned, I didn't need the shoutout for my glove on him.

But as the saying goes, "No glove, No love"...